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Inspired by the nature around me

I love painting misty, magical forest landscapes. My biggest source of inspiration is the nature around me, especially evergreen and spruce tree forests. My mind gets to wander and relax when I paint these mystical scenes.

Life is full of adventures, and we don’t know what the future holds for us, but we don’t need to know. I believe we just need to take the first step, be brave, and move forward. My aesthetic is a reflection of this mindset. When people look at my paintings, I hope they also have the same experience.


Graphic arts

Finally the prints are here!

Metsäinen taideteos.

Dancing between the trees -print

125 euros (incl.vat)

Luontoaiheinen pigmenttivedos.

Free -print

125 euros (incl.vat)

Pigmenttivedos akryylimaalauksesta.

I will take you home -print

125 euros (incl.vat)

Jenna Silander on taiteilija Tampereelta.

About My Art Journey

I am a self-taught artist from Tampere, Finland. I started painting in 2015 and really began to develop my skills soon after, which was a turning point for me; painting became my passion. I often dive into different styles, because it challenges me, which helps improve my artistry. Regardless of the topic I’m studying, however, my style is very detail-oriented. I find working on small details to be relaxing and meditative.

I mainly paint with acrylics, but occasionally I like to play around with oils. I enjoy painting various landscapes, particularly road and path theme paintings. I find them intriguing, because they either take us on a journey to familiar places, or they take us somewhere unexpected.

You can find more paintings in my portfolio

Metsäaiheinen akryylimaalaus.

Don’t say no

Metsäaiheinen akryylimaalaus.

A Whisper

Metsäaiheinen akryylimaalaus.


Metsäaiheinen akryylimaalaus.

How far would I go

Metsäaiheinen akryylimaalaus.

Let it fall

Metsäaiheinen akryylimaalaus.


Acrylic Painting Online Lessons

Teaching has become an important part of my art journey. In 2020, I began filming acrylic painting lessons in which I demonstrate how to create beautiful pieces from start to finish. Making these videos allows me to share my skills and passion for painting. I love seeing pieces that have been created based on the techniques I teach in my lessons. It is inspiring and rewarding to see how others adapt my style and skills to create something original.


Art Exhibits

The phrase “Do things you love” really hits me; that is how I want to live my life.

I have participated in multiple art exhibits, including solo exhibitions Anna metsän vietellä and Sumusta valoon. I am grateful to have been a part of these artistic curations and I am enthusiastic to participate in more in the future.


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